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Posture in your home office
September 29, 2020

Posture during COVID 19 has never been more important. Many workers have been working from home at their kitchen counters, tables or sometimes even sitting on the couch with  laptops on their laps with their back sinking into their chair and with a forward head posture. Our children are forced to be on their computers as well with short breaks in between during virtual classroom time. Be sure to check your posture, stretch and stand up move around during break times.

Be mindful of sitting up straight

Prop your laptop up on book(s) on a desk, table or counter to get your screen at eye level

Use a firm pillow or rolled towel across your back to enhance an inward curve along your lower back when sitting preferably with a firm style back vs a couch.

Try not to slouch or let your shoulders hike up towards your ears or roll forward.

Be aware of keeping your ears aligned over your shoulders

Use an adjustable chair when possible so your hips and knees are maintained at 90 degrees.

Position your elbows at 90 degrees and avoid cocking your wrists  up and keep them more parallel to the floor.

Consider purchase of a wireless mouse for a laptop vs use of the built in mouse pad as this can promote poor positioning and onset of tendonitis of the wrist and elbow.

Consider purchase of a wireless keyboard so your arms can be down low while the screen of the laptop can be raised so you are not leaning forward to view your screen or hiking your shoulders

Consult with a physical therapist if you are having any aches, pains, headaches or other muscular problems related to the use of your new work station or new home work environment.

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